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JoJo F

Jojo Farinella (P.K.A Jojo F) the founder of the Red Room is a Platinum certified Producer, Mix engineer and writer.

Jojo has produced and mixed A number of Chart topping songs, collectively gaining over 230 million streams and many of these songs also holding silver, gold and platinum certifications.


Klaudia Keziah

Klaudia is a Silver Certified vocalist, recording and mixing engineer.

She entered in to the audio engineering world first by engineering her own vocals as an active artist herself.

With many of her projects gaining support from radio 1, radio 1xtra and capital.

Her experience allows her to quickly understand and achieve the sonics best suited each artist she works with.

She specialises in vocal and harmony arrangement and can help to guide vocalists of every level.

Kyle Hollow (Tekne Beats)

Kyle Hollow aka Tekne is a UK based music producer, DJ and mixing engineer at Redroom Studios.

His skills and experience behind the decks give him a first hand insight into audience reaction and sonic trends.

This knowledge allows him to guide and provide artist with a sound that stays consistent with the ever changing sonics of the music industry.

One of Tekne's most recent productions caught the attention of a renowned YouTube channel (Trap Music Now) that plays host to over 3 million subscribers and received almost 40,000 plays in just one week.


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